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Power USB Cable , 12 / 24 V
Power USB cable 12 / 24 V Molding type & Assemblies Type .  
USB PS2 Adapter
Gender Changer USB A Male to PS2 .
V.35 Cable
V.35 is a high-speed serial interface designed to support both higher data rates.

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Model No: SV - Lock USB A & B Type Ass'y
Key Features :
USB cable Lock,USB A & USB B,USB A-A , USB B-B , USB A-B
Nowadays, USB is used everywhere to connect different devices together. The inconvenient truth is, while most people Pay attention to the quality of the USB Host / device , a lot of times it's the quality of the USB cable taht make the . A simple physical movement from your surroundings can accidentally pull the USB Cable out of the USB port. The connection between your devices can be lost just when you need it a USB Lock Cable that can ensure that these accidents will not happen and your USB cable connection will always be in good shape!
Quick release spring lock on USB Cables: It's the little things that make the difference.
Our USB Cable can ensure that the USB sockets will stay intact to the USB ports until you would like to take them out. Once the USB socket is connected to a Host / device, it will be locked into the device so that it will not be pulled out of the device by any accidental movements. When you need to take the USB cable line out of the Host or device, simply squeeze on both side of the USB socket and the lock will be unlocked.
All your problems solved. No more accidents. It's that simple.
We can customize the USB cable lines in the following form:
· Safety locks on both ends of USB cable (USB-A to USB-B),
· Safety locks on both ends of USB cable (USB-A to USB-A, USB-B to USB-B
· Safety locks on either end of USB cable (USB-A or USB-B to any USB connector)


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